Our Story

I guess our story starts out the way they all do!! We are a family of 5 trying desperately to survive in a very expensive place--Southern California. But my husband, myself, and all 3 of our children were born and raised here, this is where all our family support is, so we are trying everything to not only survive, but the THRIVE!! That’s where StarSailyr Boutique was born....

Having 3 kids, we go through A TON of clothes. I’m always on the hunt for bargains... I’m talking SALES on SALES. I want the cutest stuff possible for the cheapest price possible. My husband calls me cheap, I believe I’m “thrifty”. But the Target bins just don’t do it for me. I constantly feel like I’m overpaying for a shirt that may get 2 uses out of it. Finally, I jumped online. I researched my butt off and discovered amazing prices over seas. I decided to share those prices with you by opening StarSailyr Boutique!!

In Latin, the word “astronaut” translates as “star sailor”. That always was an awesome concept to me: Sailing the Stars! So when we were searching for the perfect name for our boutique, I knew my old obsession with Star Sailing would be perfect!!

Welcome to our shop!! Bring your Stars, bring your Sailyrs, save some money, and dress adorable and affordable every day!!